Library History

The Victor Community Library was started in the early 1930s through the combination of a grant from the National Government for Unemployed Teachers and donations from the people of Victor.  The townspeople donated books, magazines, and money.  The Victor Record newspaper donated book cards and date due slips.  The shelves were locally built and donated by Henry Wahl.  It opened February 1, 1934, and was located in the balcony of McCabe Drugstore.  There were seven librarians and four pages that looked after this collection.  This lasted about one year and then was closed.

The Victor Women's Club decided to officially start an adopt the library project on May 23, 1955.  They had a community bake sale and collected donations.  Each business area volunteered to give $1.00 each monthly for library rent, lights, and other necessary expenses.  The books from the first library had been stored and were donated, along with some furniture and a telephone, to the Victor Public Library.

The library formally opened September 17, 1955, with 1,000 books and averaged 85 items circulated per week.  It was located on the south side of Second Street just west of the alley and behind the Victor State Bank.  The building was demolished in 1992.

The members of the Women's Club  ran the library and were the librarians at that time.  Each family in the community could purchase a library card for $1.00.  This plus fines and gifts were used to purchase new materials. 

On September 1, 1956, the library moved to the northeast corner of Third Street and Washington.  A bake sale was held to purchase new shelves.

The City Council created the official Library Board of Trustees by ordinance on October 25, 1956.  This allowed the library to receive city tax money.

On November 10, 1986, life-time library patron Janet Wilkins passed away leaving her estate to the City of Victor to build a new library.  The building was completed in November, 1989.  Students from HLV Community Schools helped move the books to the new location.  An Open House was held January 9, 1990 to dedicate the new 3,840 square foot library, which is our current location.

The library first achieved State Accreditation in 1999, under the Direction of Elaine Roberts.  This has been maintained since that time.

Our library has grown from a collection of 1,000 items to a collection of over 10,000 items.  We now have much more than just books, newspapers, and magazines.  We also have audio books, movies, video games, and computers.  We circulate over 10,000 items per year and the computers get used over 100 times per month.  The library has had to grow and change with the times, as it will continue to do.