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The Victor Hunger Games

In honor of the release of The Hunger Games on Dvd, we had a contest

On Saturday, Aug. 18th the dvd of The Hunger Games was released.  The Victor Public Library held a Hunger Games event for young people, seventh grade-college freshman.  It was a great success.  We had eight teams compete.  After the Games, we had pizza, decorated sugar cookies, and watched the movie.

Our Games consisted of six events:  Archery (shooting a cheap child’s plastic bow, purchased at Dollar General, through a hula hoop hanging from the ceiling of our meeting room), Shelter Building (we had various materials that they had to build shelter that they could both get into and out of without it falling in 5 min.  Some of the materials were sticks, blanket, sheets, duct tape, clothes pins, boxes, and any surface they could reach.), Obstacle Course (pieces of paper scattered in our hallway that they could not touch or move while walking through carrying two milk jugs full of water), First Aid (they had to wrap a wrist and make a sling and splint a leg), Rope tying (we had diagrams of knots they had to follow and tie in 5 min.), and Edible and Toxic Plants (we had a Master Gardener bring pictures of plants and the kids had to identify them as edible or toxic).

We took registration for about 10 days.  The kids had to register as teams of two for our event.  If they both failed at the task, they received a Death Stamp on their score card they carried.  We had a piece of poster board that we kept an official score on.  After the previously mentioned events, we divided the teams into three teams for the trivia contest.  The two teams that received the lowest scores on the trivia received Death Stamps for that event also.  We had a three way tie at the end and played rock, paper, scissors to decide the winner.

The winners were Garner Lynn and Kyler Klesner.

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